Permanent Installation

Permanent installation has a few benefits that we describe in the following sections:

  • Simpler configuration.
  • Ability to deploy third-party artifacts in one command.
  • "Bootstrapping", the ability of wagon-git to deploy itself in a git repository, only for wagon-git development.

    In order to make a "permanent" installation, you have to copy the "shaded" jar artifact of wagon-git in the Maven classpath ( %M2_HOME%/lib according to the Maven installation manual).

    As per version 0.2.5 the correct shaded wagon-git jar file to copy is this.

    Please notice that since wagon-git IS NOT AN OFFICIAL PLUGIN/WAGON AND IS NOT AVAILABLE IN MAVEN CENTRAL AND POSSIBLY WILL NEVER BE, you're discouraged to make your projects dependent of its permanent installation.

Simpler configuration

When wagon-git is available in the Maven's classpath there no need to include the synergian-repo among the project repositories. Neither there's any need to include the <extensions> sections as described in the Basic Configuration.

Third-party jar files installation

When wagon-git is available in the Maven's classpath it is possible to upload any third party artifact to a target git repository, just as described in the Guide to deploying 3rd party JARs to remote repository.

For instance, it will be possible to execute a command just like this one:

mvn deploy:deploy-file \
        -DgroupId=somegroup \
        -DartifactId=thirdparty \
        -Dversion=1.1.1 \
        -Dfile=a-third-party-jar.jar \
        -DgeneratePom=true \
        -DrepositoryId=my-maven-repo-releases \

See the goal deploy:deploy-file for further configuration details.


Quite useful for wagon-git developers, who use wagon-git as the wagon to deploy wagon-git itself in the Github git repository.